Peach & Bourbon BBQ Glaze

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Our peach and bourbon BBQ Glaze is a delectable fusion of spicy, sweet heat with a hint of bourbon, delivering a unique flavor profile. Its velvety texture clings perfectly to grilled or baked dishes, offering a balanced blend of ripe peaches’ sweetness and a spicy kick, enriched by the depth of bourbon. This versatile sauce…


This peach and bourbon BBQ Glaze is a delectable combination of flavors that brings together spicy, sweet heat with a distinct touch of bourbon, creating a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

The sauce has a rich and velvety texture that clings perfectly to your favorite grilled or baked dishes. It offers a harmonious balance of flavors, with the sweetness of ripe peaches combining seamlessly with the kick of spiciness. The bourbon infusion adds depth and complexity to the sauce, giving it a unique and slightly smoky character.

Whether you’re planning to barbecue, bake, or use it as a dip, this sauce is incredibly versatile. It pairs exceptionally well with a variety of meats, making it a must-have condiment for any barbecue enthusiast. It’s the perfect complement for ribs, pork, chicken, and any other protein that could benefit from a flavorful and spicy kick.

Each jar contains a generous 16 ounces of this delightful sauce, ensuring you have plenty to enhance your culinary creations and add that extra burst of flavor to your meals. With its spicy, sweet heat and the unmistakable bourbon twist, this peach and bourbon BBQ sauce is sure to become a favorite addition to your barbecue arsenal.

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