Celebrating Culinary Excellence with Chef Mo

At Dandelion N Thyme, we take pride in Chef Mo’s exceptional culinary journey, which embodies a remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation.

Chef Mo’s Journey

Chef Mo’s culinary adventure began in Detroit, where she honed her skills in event cooking. She received invaluable training from Chef Russel at Motorcity Casino and apprenticed with Chef Manford at the Royalty House. Her journey took her from mastering high-end seafood and meats to crafting soulful soups, vegetarian, and vegan dishes, weaving in the intricate influences of Caribbean, Asian, Latin, and Italian flavors.

However, her culinary prowess started long before her professional training. Growing up, Chef Mo assisted her mother with her catering business, indulging in the rich and comforting flavors of Southern-style soul food. Today, she is a master of the grill, known for her barbecue creations, and a virtuoso in orchestrating mouthwatering American fusion dishes. Chef Mo’s boundless creativity and expertise continue to drive our culinary innovation, ensuring every dish is a delectable masterpiece.

The Birth of Fusion Rolls

Chef Mo’s journey took an exciting turn when she collaborated with a Vietnamese family while working at an Orlando conference center. A culinary exchange unfolded as they sought to master American cooking while generously sharing their secrets of crafting Vietnamese delights.

Inspired by this enriching experience, Chef Mo’s creativity soared. She started adding her unique twist to rolls, creating unconventional yet tantalizing combinations like pepperoni and cheese. As her culinary experiments progressed, she crafted one of her most beloved fusion creations – the Chicken Taco Roll. Word quickly spread, leading to the establishment of the SheRo’s N Stuff food truck. This mobile kitchen allowed Chef Mo to share her culinary innovations with a broader audience and satisfy the cravings of eager patrons throughout Ohio.

Chef Mo’s fusion rolls became a staple, not only on her food truck but also at select local restaurants. Her journey, from a collaborative exchange in Orlando to the creation of these delectable fusion rolls, is a testament to her culinary passion and innovation, making SheRo’s N Stuff a beloved destination for those seeking a unique and flavorful dining experience.

A Commitment to Inclusivity

At Dandelion N Thyme, we’re more than just a culinary establishment. We’re committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and creating an inclusive space where diversity is celebrated. Our owners actively promote LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and acceptance, ensuring everyone feels welcome and valued.

Local Partnerships and Collaborations

We’re proud to partner with local organizations, bars, events, and festivals to bring our culinary delights to a wider audience. Chef Mo is always excited about new opportunities and collaborations. If you’re looking for a unique food experience for your event, we invite you to reach out to us. Let’s discuss how we can make your occasion memorable with our fusion creations.

A Black, Women-Owned Company in the LGBTQ Community

We are proud to be a black, women-owned company in the LGBTQ community, and we thank you for choosing Dandelion N Thyme for your catering, food truck, and sauce needs. We eagerly anticipate delighting your senses with our innovative fusion food services.

Experience the Fusion. Taste the Passion.